Guild Dungeons

Name Min. Level Required Key Completion Reward
Golden Dragon's Cave 0 Broken Stalactite Key Awakened Dragon's Secret Chest
Marksburg Castle 0 Key of Lunacy Crazy Lord's Seal
Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi 0 Immortal King's Key Immortal King's Secret Chest
Revolution 0 Operation Orders Patriot's Precious Treasure Chest
Ruined Shrine of Snakes 0 Snake Scale Key Stigmatized Snake Jar
Valley of Oblivion 0 Cube of Amnesia Evil Protector's Secret Chest

Ind. Dungeons

Name Min. Level Required Key Completion Reward
Pawn of Death (Warrior) 80 1,000,000 Gold Pandora's Box x 1
Forbidden Abyss 90 Sea King's Scale Ethereal Light Orb x 1-3
Arachne's Nest 94 Arachne's Web Arachne's Egg x 1
Hypogeum of Death 98 Three Headed Dragon Tag Death Jar x 1
Immortal Pawn (Warrior) 100 5,000,000 Gold Pandora's Box x 2
Tower of Darkness Hall 101 Sealed Black Key Nosferatu's Equipment Box x 1
Lerna's Labyrinth 105 Hydra's Claw Hercules' Loot x 1
Sealed Sanctum (Warrior) 110 10,000,000 Gold Pandora's Box x 4
Holy Crystal Cave 113 Pirate Captain's Sword Priceless Pirate Treasure x 1
Occupied Coast 113 Occupied Shoreline Map Average Pirate Treasure x 1
Wrecked Pirate Ship 113 Wrecked Pirate Ship Flag Extraordinary Pirate Treasure x 1
Advanced Trial 120 Advanced Trial Key Black Dragon Gift x 5
Beginner Trial 120 Beginner Trial Key Black Dragon Gift x 1
Hall of Battle 120 Diabolic Battlefield Order Clean Battlefield Artifact x 1
Old Battlefield Artifact x 1
Pristine Battlefield Artifact x 1
Hidden Chamber 120 Secret Diabolic Order Hidden Crystal Ball x 1
Intermediate Trial 120 Intermediate Trial Key Black Dragon Gift x 3
Ancient Lava Valley 125 Ancient Treasure Map Magma Essence x 1
Night Palace 125 Infatuation Jewel Dancer's Dream x 1
Corrupted Hanging Garden 130 Corrupted Key Corrupted Treasure Chest x 1
Tomb of Immortals 130 Tombkeeper's Lantern Immortal Gift x 1
Monsters' Camaraderie (Warrior) 140 100,000,000 Gold Pandora's Shining Box x 1
Temple of the Fire Dragon 140 Fire Dragon Key Sealed Fire Dragon Box x 1
Fields of Delaware 150 Scout's Secret Orders Patriot's Fine Treasure x 1
Immortal Pawn (Hero) 150 300,000,000 Gold Pandora's Shining Box x 2
Melancholy Velvet Room 150 Velvet Key Nosferatu's War Trophy x 1
Tower of Darkness Library 150 Dark Library Key Nosferatu's War Trophy x 1
Dark Abyss 155 Furious Sea King's Wrath Sea King's Treasure x 1
Grimm Woods 155 Grimm Key Dusty Grimm Box x 1
Sealed Sanctum (Hero) 155 900,000,000 Gold Pandora's Shining Box x 4
Monsters' Camaraderie (Hero) 155 1,200,000,000 Gold Pandora's Shining Box x 4
Polluted Magic Control Center 160 Magic Power Control Center Pass Contaminated Magic Nucleus x 1
Underground Temple of Life 160 Azi Dahaka's Shining Seal Pot of Vitality x 1

Nation Dungeons

Name Min. Level Required Key Completion Reward
Alcatraz Prison 0 Alcatraz Key Elite Prison Officer's Secret Chest
Avalon 0 Avalon Key King Arthur's Fancy Trophy
King Arthur's Holy Trophy
King Arthur's Trophy
Chaotic Tower of Babel 0 Chaos Key Astarte's Secret Chest
Ghost Ship of the Caribbean 0 Ghost Commander's Key Pirate King's Secret Chest
Yggdrasil's Three Gateways 0 World Tree Gateway Key Yggdrasil's Secret Chest

Squad/Raid Dungeons

Name Min. Level Required Key Completion Reward
Haunted Tatami Room 95 Old Kendama Evil-Slaying Arrow
Coyote's Valley 100 Chief's Ivory Horn Giant Bear Tribal Reward
Labyrinthos 110 Dungeon Points Minotaur King's Treasure x 100
Labyrinthos 135 Dungeon Points Grand Minotaur King's Treasure Chest x 100
Forgotten City 145 Dungeon Points Precise City Guardian's Core x 100
Overlord's Onslaught 150 Dungeon Points Dynasty Treasure Chest x 100
Centaur Hero 155 Dungeon Points Chironia's Reward x 100
Golden Empire Defense 155 Dungeon Points Heroic Emblem x 5
Garden of Life's Song 160 Dungeon Points Fountain of Life's Song x 100

TBS Missions

Name Min. Level Completion Reward
Scouting Party 50 Troy Battlefield Treasure x 6
Base Defense 60 Troy Battlefield Treasure x 8
Fortress Assault 80 Troy Battlefield Treasure x 12
Warrior's Honor 90 Trojan Warrior's Treasure x 6
Reversal 100 Trojan Warrior's Treasure x 8
Fleeing Betrayer 105 Trojan Warrior's Treasure x 10
Heart of Troy 110 Trojan Warrior's Treasure x 12
Saving Helen 115 Troy Victorious Treasure x 8
Troy's Last Battle 115 Troy Victorious Treasure x 18
Goddess' Rage 115 Troy Victorious Treasure x 9
Hidden Power 120 Troy Victorious Treasure x 12
Flamethrower 125 Troy Victorious Treasure x 12
Last Stand 130 Troy Victorious Treasure x 20
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