John Jay

Type: NPC
Location: Path to Glory

The Quartermaster of the Continental Army. He
will give you valuable items in exchange for loot
from the battlefield.


Name Trade For Quantity
Book: Battlefield Courage (I) Broken Ammunition x 20 1
Book: Camaraderie (I) Broken Ammunition x 20 1
Book: Patriotic Resolve (I) Broken Ammunition x 20 1
Commander's Cloak Broken Ammunition x 300 1
Operation Orders Broken Cannonball x 100 1
Patriot's Saber Broken Cannonball x 300 1
Quartermaster's Box Broken Cannonball x 20 1
Secret Military Supplies Broken Ammunition x 20 1
Scout's Secret Orders Broken Ammunition x 50 1
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