Voice of Terror

Type: Misc.
Fixed Price: n/a

The sound this makes fills you with terror.

Used to craft Riederan's Armor and Evil Necklace.



Ratio Level Monster Special Location
foo foo foo foo foo


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Abyssal Axe 80
Abyssal Bow 80
Abyssal Cannon 80
Abyssal Fist 80
Abyssal Instrument 80
Abyssal Lance 80
Abyssal Power Saw 80
Abyssal Rifle 80
Abyssal Staff 80
Abyssal Sword 80
Abyssal Whip 80
Riederan's Chain Gauntlets 300
Riederan's Chain Helm 300
Riederan's Gauntlets 300
Riederan's Gloves 300
Riederan's Greaves 300
Riederan's Hat 300
Riederan's Heavy Armor 300
Riederan's Helmet 300
Riederan's Leggings 300
Riederan's Light Armor 300
Riederan's Robe 300
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