Shard of Beginning

Type: Mineral
Fixed Price: n/a

A crystal formed of natural elements.
(It emits a strong, mysterious energy.)



Box Random Selection Quantity
Pandora's Shining Box Yes 10




Material Need
Sea Element 300
Flame Element 300
Storm Element 300


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Twilight Axe 10
Twilight Bow 10
Twilight Cannon 10
Twilight Chain Gauntlets 5
Twilight Chain Helm 5
Twilight Fist 15
Twilight Gauntlets 5
Twilight Gloves 5
Twilight Greaves 5
Twilight Gun 10
Twilight Hat 5
Twilight Heavy Armor 10
Twilight Helmet 5
Twilight Instrument 10
Twilight Lance 10
Twilight Leggings 5
Twilight Light Armor 10
Twilight Power Saw 10
Twilight Robe 10
Twilight Staff 10
Twilight Sword 10
Twilight Whip 10
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