Selena's Treasure

Type: Box

Cannot be used in battle
Cannot be traded normally
Cannot be sold at auction

Note: A deep-sea treasure that belonged to Selena.
Something precious might be inside.

Contents (Randomized)

Item Quantity
Deep Sea Pearl Oyster 2
Dragon God's Equipment Box 1
Enchant Stone (V) 10
Enchant Stone (VI) 5
Enriched Adamantium Ingot 2
Evil Equipment Box 1
Evil Imprint 5
Heavenly Crystal 2
Heavenly Crystal 7
Mysterious Vial: Death 5
Mysterious Vial: Valor 5
Mysterious Vial: Wisdom 5
Pegasus Equipment Box 1
Pegasus Tear 5


Quest Rewards

Title NPC Name Quest Name Quantity
(142) Pure Waters Selena 5. Calmed Waters 1
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