Redemption Soul Crystal

Type: Crystal
Class: Elementalist/Goddess
Note: Consumed when using to upgrade mercenaries to Hero grade.
Fixed Price: n/a



Box Random Selection Quantity
Astarte's Secret Chest Yes 15
Average Pirate Treasure Yes 5
Elite Prison Officer's Secret Chest Yes 15
Evil Protector's Secret Chest Yes 3
Extraordinary Pirate Treasure Yes 8
Grand Minotaur King's Treasure Chest Yes 3
King Arthur's Fancy Trophy Yes 3
King Arthur's Trophy Yes 3
Magma Essence Yes 10
Minotaur King's Treasure Yes 1
Pandora's Box Yes 3
Pandora's Shining Box Yes 10
Patriot's Fine Treasure Yes 3
Patriot's Precious Treasure Chest Yes 3
Pirate King's Secret Chest Yes 15
Precise City Guardian's Core Yes 3
Priceless Pirate Treasure Yes 12
Sealed Fire Dragon Box Yes 10
Shady Supplies Yes 5
Yggdrasil's Secret Chest Yes 15




Material Need
Redemption Jewel 20
Hero's Blood 5
Energy of Wind 20
Sea Element 20
Mysterious Vial: Wisdom 2


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Redemption Soul Jewel 10
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