Purified Enhance Stone

Type: Mana Stone
Cannot be used in battle.
Enhances equipment level 170 and under.
Fixed Price: n/a



Box Random Selection Quantity
Astarte's Secret Chest Yes 4-6
Dusty Grimm Box Yes 10
Elite Prison Officer's Secret Chest Yes 4
King Arthur's Fancy Trophy Yes 1
King Arthur's Holy Trophy Yes 1-2
Pandora's Shining Box Yes 5
Pirate King's Secret Chest Yes 4
Yggdrasil's Secret Chest Yes 4-6




Material Need
Obsidian Shard 50
Vulcan's Hammer 500
Light of Judge 5
Flame Element 1,000
Storm Element 1,000
Earth Essence 200
Anarchy Stone 1,000
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