Mysterious Vial: Wisdom

Type: Medicine
Health Recovery: 3,500
Fixed Price: 650,000 gold

Cannot be used in battle

This bottle is overflowing with wisdom.



Box Random Selection Quantity
Alishan Shaman's Treasure Yes 3
Awakened Dragon's Secret Chest Yes 15
Evil Protector's Secret Chest Yes 1
Giant Bear Tribal Reward Yes 5
Immortal King's Secret Chest Yes 1
King Arthur's Trophy Yes 1
Majapahit Empire's Treasure Yes 3
Patriot's Precious Treasure Chest Yes 3
Quixote's Favor Yes 3
Selena's Treasure Yes 5
Shiny Treasure Box Yes 8
Three Kingdoms General's Treasure Yes 3
Trojan Warrior's Treasure Yes 3




Material Need
Mandragora 4
Multi-Hued Jewel Shard 5
Growth Vial (II) 50
Mana Potion (III) 100
Jasmine 400
Green Mold 600


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Alchemist's Stone 10
Auto-Craft Doll MK-1 1
Auto-Craft Doll MK-2 2
Auto-Craft Doll MK-3 2
Auto Fishing Doll MK-2 6
Crystal of Anguish 1
Crystal of Knowledge 1
Crystal of Wisdom 1
Mana Potion (IV) 1
Mana Potion (V) 1
Mana Potion (VI) 1
Multi-Hued Jewel 1
Phoenix Soul Crystal 2
Phoenix Soul Jewel 5
Redemption Soul Crystal 2
Redemption Soul Jewel 5
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