Mysterious Vial: Death

Type: Medicine
Health Recovery: -10,000
Fixed Price: 800,000 gold

Cannot be used in battle

It may be harmful to your health.



Box Random Selection Quantity
Astarte's Secret Chest Yes 3
Awakened Dragon's Secret Chest Yes 15
Elite Prison Officer's Secret Chest Yes 1




Material Need
Mandragora 4
Multi-Hued Jewel Shard 5
Growth Vial (II) 50
Antidote (III) 100
Cyclamen 100
Jasmine 400
Dogwood Fruit 200


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Alchemist's Stone 10
Dragon Soul Crystal 2
Dragon Soul Jewel 5
Enriched Adamantium Arrow 1
Enriched Adamantium Bullet 1
Enriched Adamantium Cannonball 1
Enriched Adamantium Music Sheet 1
Life Potion (IV) 1
Life Potion (V) 2
Life Potion (VI) 2
Multi-Hued Jewel 1
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 6
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 3
Titanium Arrow 2
Titanium Bullet 2
Titanium Cannonball 2
Titanium Music Sheet 2
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