Item Craftable
6th Anniversary Cherry Cake Yes
6th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Yes
6th Anniversary Green Tea Cake Yes
6th Anniversary Sweet Potato Cake Yes
Abyssal Marble No
Aeolus' Horn No
Albert's Fishing Tackle No
Anarchy Stone No
Artisan's Soul No
Atlantica Piece (A) No
Atlantica Piece (C) No
Atlantica Piece (I) No
Atlantica Piece (L) No
Atlantica Piece (N) No
Atlantica Piece (T) No
Atlantis Coin Shard No
Atlantis Copper Coin No
Atlantis Gold Coin No
Atlantis Platinum Coin No
Atlantis Silver Coin No
Barrier Fragment of the Lake No
Bingo Coupon No
Brisingamen Fragment No
Broken Ammunition No
Broken Animal Bones No
Broken Cannonball No
Broken Crystal Shard No
Broken Sword Master No
Brown Rice No
Celestial Hunter Class Change Card No
Class Change Card No
Cleaning Tool Container No
Common Gunpowder No
Comrade Emblem No
Corrupted Unicorn Tear No
Coupon Jr (Event) No
Craftsman's Soul No
Crazy Lord's Seal No
Crystal Bait (III) (Event) No
Crystal Bait (IV) (Event) No
Crystal Ball of Harmony No
Crystal of Darkness No
Crystal of Temptation No
Dark Agent Medal No
Dark Assassin Medal No
Dark Berserker Medal No
Darkness Origin No
Davy Jones' Heart No
Deep Sea Pearl No
Depraved Seed No
Dim Light No
Dragon God's Ire No
Dragon God's Wishstone No
Dust of Death No
Eagle Wing Costume No
Emblem of Training No
Emerald Fragment No
Empress' Dagger No
Empress' Incense Pouch No
(Event) Christmas Tree Yes
(Event) Completed Word (ATLANTICA) Yes
(Event) Demon's Wraith No
(Event) Gold Token No
(Event) Shouldn't-Throw-Away-Token No
(Event) Silver Token No
Event Token No
Evil-Slaying Arrow No
Evil Imprint No
Evil Soul Extract No
Expert's Soul No
Fancy Gold Bait No
Feather of the Oath No
Feeble Crystal Bait (Event) No
Fragrant Spice No
Frozen Soul No
Ghost Mask No
Giant Bull's Horn No
Gigas Core Yes
Gigas Core Fragment No
Gilgamesh's Sword Shard No
Ginko Wood No
Gold Bait No
Gold Coupon No
Gold Dragon Scale No
Golden Bell No
Golden Tusk No
Grendel's Diary No
Grendel's Ghost No
Heavenly Crystal No
Hermes' Herb No
Hero's Blood No
Historia Seal No
Historical Essence No
Holy Bow Case No
Hydra's Poisonous Gland No
Insect Shell No
Ivory No
Kang Tae Gong's Bait No
Khun Phaen's Poem Yes
Lady's Handkerchief No
Lapis Bait (Event) No
Lapis Bait (II) (Event) No
Lapis Bait (III) (Event) No
Lapis Bait (IV) (Event) No
Lapis Bait (VI) (Event) No
Large Animal Bone No
Light of Judge No
Lucky Coin No
Magnetite No
Makuta Drum No
Merc. Training License No
Merciless Agent Medal No
Merciless Assassin Medal No
Merciless Berserker Medal No
Mercenary Skin Coupon No
Mint No
Mukti Scale No
Mystic Gem No
Nation token No
Necklace Mold No
New Coupon (Event) No
Old Spartan Shield No
Oriharukon No
Part: Pegasus Crystal No
Part: Pegasus Heart No
Part: Pegasus Soul No
Part: Poseidon's Tear No
Pegasus Tear No
Phoenix's Feather No
Platinum Bait No
Poisonous Fang No
Precious Brown Rice No
Precious Ginko Wood No
Precious Magnetite No
Precious Mint No
Quality Brown Rice No
Quality Ginkgo Wood No
Quality Magnetite No
Quality Mint No
Rare Brown Rice No
Rare Ginko Wood No
Rare Magnetite No
Rare Mint No
Rebirth Token No
Red Hare's Saddle No
Red Ribbon No
Regular Tree No
Riederan's Soul Shard No
Root of Life No
Sealed Guan Dao No
Secret Vial of Amnesia No
Secret Vial of Rebirth No
Sharpened Claw No
Shining Gold Sickle No
Silver Bait No
Silver Coupon No
Small Marionette No
Sorcerer's Mask No
Spirit Greatbow No
Spirit Quiver No
Star Ornament No
Sunset Afterglow No
Thick Animal Bone No
Token of Gratitude No
Torn Page No
Torn Pirate Flag No
Van Gogh's Soul Stone No
Vindictive Soul Imprint No
Voice of Terror No
Vulcanus Enhance Stone No
Warrior's Sign No
Water Dragon Scale No
Weak Gunpowder No
Weapon & Armor Mold No
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