Type: Medicine
Health Recovery: -10,000
Fixed Price: n/a

Cannot be used in battle

Warning - Be careful! It looks like it may scream when you touch it.



Box Random Selection Quantity
Evil Protector's Secret Chest Yes 1
Immortal King's Secret Chest Yes 1
Nosferatu's War Trophy Yes 100
Patriot's Precious Treasure Chest Yes 3
Secret Material Chest No 1
Sturdy Treasure Box Yes 4
Troy Battlefield Treasure Yes 3


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Growth Vial (IV) 5
Growth Vial (V) 20
Multi-Hued Crystal 2
Multi-Hued Ink Bottle 2
Multi-Hued Jewel 3
Mysterious Vial: Death 4
Mysterious Vial: Valor 4
Mysterious Vial: Wisdom 4
Wiseman's Golden Ink Bottle 1
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