Immortal Gift

Type: Box

Cannot be used in battle
Cannot be traded normally
Cannot be sold at auction

Contents (Randomized)

Item Quantity
Atlantis Gold Coin 150
Atlantis Gold Coin 300
Atlantis Gold Coin 500
Atlantis Platinum Coin 20
Atlantis Platinum Coin 30
Atlantis Platinum Coin 50
Atlantis Silver Coin 500
Atlantis Silver Coin 1000
Dragon God's Equipment Box 2
Evil Dragon God's Equipment Box 2
Evil Equipment Box 2
Evil Phoenix's Equipment Box 2
Immortal Bow 1
Oriharukon 20
Phoenix's Equipment Box 2
Supreme Evil Equipment Box 2


Indi Dungeon Reward

Name Min. Level Quantity
Tomb of Immortals 130 1
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