Enchant Stone (V)

Type: Mana Stone
Cannot be used in battle.
Enchants equipment level 140 and under.
Fixed Price: n/a



Box Random Selection Quantity
Alishan Great Shaman's Treasure Yes 3
Chieftan's Treasure Yes 3
Extraordinary Pirate Treasure Yes 8
Great Chieftan's Treasure Yes 3
King Arthur's Fancy Trophy Yes 4
King Arthur's Trophy Yes 3
Magma Essence Yes 6
Nosferatu's War Trophy Yes 3
Pandora's Box Yes 5
Patriot's Precious Treasure Chest Yes 3
Quixote's Favor Yes 2
Selena's Treasure Yes 10
Shiny Treasure Box Yes 10
Sturdy Treasure Box Yes 2
Three Kingdoms Champion's Treasure Yes 3
Troy Victorious Treasure Yes 3


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Enhance Stone (V) 5
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