Book: Arrow Cascade (II)

Type: Book
Restrictions: Marksman Class Only
Min. Level: 100
Acquired Skill: Arrow Cascade
Can reach up to skill level 40
Cannot be used in battle.
Effect: Increases 'Arrow Cascade' magic by 1 level.
Fixed Price: n/a

Note: You cannot exchange this item for another book from NPC Goncourt.



Box Random Selection Quantity
Medieval Book Box Yes 1




Material Need
Book: Arrow Cascade (I) 20
Multi-Hued Pen 4
Multi-Hued Parchment 4
Multi-Hued Ink Bottle 15
Colorful Thread 150
Colorful Fabric 50
Crystal of Anguish 50
Book of Anguish 100


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Book: Arrow Cascade (III) 20
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