Atlantis Gold Coin

Type: Misc.
Fixed Price: n/a

Note: You can sell these items to Jang Gun, Kim Man Duck, Mitsui, Yim Sang Ok, and Crassus.
The selling price will increase as game time passes, but it will not increase once it reaches at certain price.
*This item cannot be sold at auction.

This item is sold to the above vendors for a fixed price of 3,500,000 gold. This price will not increase anymore.



Box Random Selection Quantity
Chieftan's Treasure Yes 20-200
Chironia's Reward Yes 15-220
Clean Battlefield Artifact Yes 30-100
Contaminated Magic Nucleus Yes 270-900
Dusty Grimm Box Yes 50-250
Fountain of Life's Song Yes 15-220
Grand Minotaur King's Treasure Chest Yes 10-100
Great Chieftan's Treasure Yes 20-300
Immortal Gift Yes 150-500
Minotaur King's Treasure Yes 10-100
Nosferatu's War Trophy Yes 25-40
Patriot's Fine Treasure Yes 10-200
Precise City Guardian's Core Yes 10-200
Pristine Battlefield Artifact Yes 50-200
Quartermaster's Box Yes 10-200
Secret Military Supplies Yes 5-50
Troy Victorious Treasure Yes 10-100


Name Trade For Quantity
Nikola Atlantis Silver Coin x 11 1


Used in Crafting

Item Need
Dark Pegasus Axe 10
Dark Pegasus Bow 10
Dark Pegasus Cannon 10
Dark Pegasus Chain Gloves 10
Dark Pegasus Gauntlets 10
Dark Pegasus Gloves 10
Dark Pegasus Heavy Armor 10
Dark Pegasus Instrument 10
Dark Pegasus Lance 10
Dark Pegasus Light Armor 10
Dark Pegasus Power Saw 10
Dark Pegasus Rifle 10
Dark Pegasus Robe 10
Dark Pegasus Staff 10
Dark Pegasus Sword 10
Dark Pegasus Whip 10
Judgment Axe 10
Judgment Bow 10
Judgment Cannon 10
Judgment Chain Gloves 10
Judgment Gauntlets 10
Judgment Gloves 10
Judgment Heavy Armor 10
Judgment Instrument 10
Judgment Light Armor 10
Judgment Power Saw 10
Judgment Rifle 10
Judgment Robe 10
Judgment Spear 10
Judgment Staff 10
Judgment Sword 10
Judgment Whip 10
Riederan's Chain Gauntlets 200
Riederan's Gauntlets 200
Riederan's Gloves 200
Riederan's Heavy Armor 200
Riederan's Light Armor 200
Riederan's Necklace 500
Riederan's Robe 200
Twilight Axe 15
Twilight Bow 15
Twilight Cannon 15
Twilight Chain Gauntlets 10
Twilight Fist 20
Twilight Gauntlets 10
Twilight Gloves 10
Twilight Gun 15
Twilight Heavy Armor 15
Twilight Instrument 15
Twilight Lance 15
Twilight Light Armor 15
Twilight Power Saw 15
Twilight Robe 15
Twilight Staff 15
Twilight Sword 15
Twilight Whip 15
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